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January 28, 2013


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Joe Tangredi

How about a FOIA funding pool requiring all categories of commercial, non-profit, news media and institutional FOIA requesters to deposit into an annual pool a certain amount of money based on their utilization of FOIA services over the past 5 years?


I think it is going to get vastly worse with sequestration, particularly as the FOIA operations are already understaffed, but with sequestration you have less employees across the agency working, making it a lower priority. In some agencies cutting work hours, both the existing/understaffed FOIA staff will be working less hours, and those that they are relying on (record owners, attorneys, etc.) will also be working less hours therefore causing even greater delays.

More Backlog is a coming

Agree Jennifer. Not only will the full time FOIA employees be affected by this, the part time FOIA employees that have FOIA task as a secondary duty on their plate will have to decide what is more important, their main job duty or this FOIA collateral duty. Many of the people who have FOIA collateral duties are not processors, they are searchers of records, legal reviewers, policy people, and even administrative staff not to mention those process appeals. Many offices use FOIA as a tool to get increased funding for their office. They abuse funding for FOIA an use it for other non-FOIA based funding as such as Privacy, Other Initiatives, etc. Make sure your appropriated funding for FOIA is used for FOIA processing!

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