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November 17, 2011


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sam mcpherson

Philippine news shows that this mug shot case has already been decided. Can you please check this out?

"But given the tendency of local courts to recognize the authority of their US counterparts, Senator Miriam Santiago said it would just be a matter of time before they took cognizance of a RECENT US Supreme Court ruling that publicizing a person’s mug shot “would be an unwarranted invasion of his personal privacy.”"


Scott Hodes

I'm not sure what case the article is citing. Currently, one U.S. Court of Appeals says to release and another recently said to withhold -- the issue is now pending for certiori before the Supreme Court.

sam mcpherson

Scott, thanks for the reply. It seems as though many states have their own sets of rules which makes this issue very confusing.

Edward O'Daniel

Its true that single U.S. Court of Appeals says to issue and an alternative recently thought to withhold.It seems as though many states give birth to their own sets of rules which makes this publication very confusing.

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