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March 24, 2011


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I find your blog to be informative, but I don't get the partisan nature of some of your posts. Anytime the prior administration seemed pro-withholding that was expected behavior, while anytime an anti-disclosure story hits about this administration you either don't mention it or blame it on civil servants who clearly aren't following the political appointees who we are all supposed to take it on faith are champions of transparency. FOIA, as a legislative matter, has never been a partisan issue. As a principal of political philosophy, too, you can't plausibly say that one view is more pro-FOIA than the other. This is going to sound a bit flippant, but history shows that transparency is always championed by the party out of power and is avoided, if possible, by the party in power.


Agree with "Ryan" I've been doing FOIA since 1996 and even during the "evil" George W Bush years, never experienced the level of political involvement in FOIA as I do now under President Transparency. At previous agencies - we did discretionary releases of b5 info all the time - long before Obama and Holder showed up on the scene.

Please spare us the partisanship and hypocrisy. Excuse me while I return to Rep Issa's hearing on DHS FOIA....

DePuy Pinnacle Recall

I see that as politics and I wouldn’t be surprised anymore. You have a very informative blog.

Hip Implant

Why is political favoritism so controversial? We all know how politics works, or do we still believe that an election is won by the candidate's nice smile? Will it matter to the small people who gave the money for the campaigns? I believe not. Al this trouble around the subject, is to stir up muddy waters and to besmirch some names. And when tables will turn, this will happen all over again.

depuy recalls

Nope You Do not need to even point out the irony in this. Haha. :)

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Jonathan Salant of Bloomberg is known to these.

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