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January 31, 2011


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Bryan Hochstein

It's really not that hard of a request to fulfill. Rep. Cummings is just afraid of what will be learned.

Back in September, I received the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) FOIA log via email. It was a simple export to excel.

In that log I was able to verify some of my requests that went unfulfilled and even one that was denied although I never was told why. I have even cataloged 44 emails with one request that took over 7 months to just get a partial release.

I would be happy to share the information with Rep Issa's office. It would be interesting to see if OPM gives him something different.

Grant you that Issa' request may seem broad, but it really isn't that hard to quickly filter through the data for some broad themes of the data. Especially, since most agencies have some form of tracking.

Nate Jones


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