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September 10, 2009


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John Mathew327

Alan J.Gerson, District 1 election candidate created Green walkway from Houston Street to the East River....

Please visit his website...



Yeh you are right John....


Like above Alan J Gerson stood with several leading environmental activists and welfare programs for children, senior citizens, WTC reforms, Cultural, Housing activities in his service till now.
A short list of those can be found from here: http://www.gerson2009.com/main.cfm?actionId=globalShowStaticContent&screenKey=cmpContent&htmlKey=issues&s=gerson
To continue his efforts, do vote for him for Dist 1 council election 15th Sept 2009


Gerson has strong hold in politics


yeah u are right he has done a lot of reformation within his limits.vote for him to comtinue his efforts. check www.gerson2009.com to know more abt him


yes he should be put back to seat.he is a good man


The New York City Community election on Sept 15th and this time also we have ALAN J GERSON from Democrat standing from and for the people.Having done many reform works(www.gerson2009.com), I think he should continue for the peple as the best council member.
Do vote for him for a growing Newyork.


he has done a lot of reformation within his limits

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