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July 21, 2009


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Hayden Knox

Hello Mr. Morley,
Congratulations on your persistence and patience in dealing with the FOIA.
For several years I followed a JFK site that attempted a balanced view of perspective and documentation concerning the assassination.

A collection of Oswald signatures, very obviously not by the same hand, was the area that I most wanted to pursue. An early JFK researcher included many of these signatures in one of his books. Then the Church committee investigated the matter of the signature collection and disparity. I put in a FOIA request for those files from the Church committee and was told FOIA had no records. My patience and bulldoggedness was not enough to continue the pursuit, but I do believe reopening the disparity of the signatures is a valuable line of investigation.

A detail about the Church investigation of the signatures that struck me as odd: they did not seek handwriting experts to verify the authenticity of the records. Instead they called on document forgery analysts to pass judgment on the authenticity of the documents, to which all concurred that the documents were genuine.
Rather like looking for your lost car keys under a street lamp because the light is better.
Hayden Knox


Mr. Morley,

You need to follow up with the CIA prior release of remaining documents--released on CD by the CIA and other Agencies--of their rouge agents(??) PsychOps regarding Operation Monarch, Butterfly, etc., attempt to build a "Manchurian Candidate"


People forget the culture of the times.

Growing up in the 50' & 60's was very, very different from todays world in terms of government accountability and the individuals (in and out of governement) obeidence to authority. Fear , especially in the 50's, was a dominate theme in our lives.

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Why The CIA denied us to know truth about this whole ? It seems like there's something fishing behind Georges Joannies and his activities.

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