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May 29, 2009


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Settlement Loans

He should have access to these records according to FOIA, the SEC should make sure not to do anything to help his case.


The suit against Cuban by SEC is civil, so rule 16(F R Crim P) does not seem to apply, seems to be DOJ/ SEC postion, & as to FOIA, about 6 exemptions will be used by DOJ/ SEC to stonewall Cuban and his Esq.
If he gets documents then he will be granted favors 1,000's of other Americans have not been accorded, despite any Obama speech about transparency.
Nothing is transparenet when Fed Gov is involved.
Nothing, but the main case on the exemption not ending even if a Gov investigation ends, sees to have no conflict in the circuits.
Cuban has a big uphill fight, wonder if he is doing more for Tex P R., I have many files on DOJ stone walls in FOIA, and the name is STONEWALL not open sunshive GOV

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