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April 01, 2009


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I guess I missed the "keeping the information from the public in the best interests of passengers" exemption in the FOIA. Silly me...


"The agency fears people will avoid airports that report bird srikes, and airports will be reluctant to come forward with accurate information"

That's based in an established legal principal that's used in regulation of financial institutions. Congress made special provisions to help assure banks will be honest with the Comptroller of the Currency about any problems because banks are more important than other things (or something like that), so they get special privacy benefits.

I've also heard the argument that adding safety to air travel would cost money and be passed on to customers which would cause them to use less safe methods of travel.

Todd Curtis

AirSafe.com has updated its information about this ongoing policy issue, providing a link to draft comments to be sent to the FAA at AirSafeNews.com at http://www.airsafenews.com/2009/04/airsafecom-response-to-faa-bird-stike.html.

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