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January 23, 2009


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There is another factor that should be taken into account though, that may be somewhat difficult to measure. The Bush administration did cut back some kinds of routine Web posting, but even so a lot of agencies did increase making certain kinds of things routinely available through means other than FOIA requests.

The total number of FOIAs in the government is down dramatically, look at the numbers in the story you link to.

My analysis would be that if you look at what was FOIAed (and there are people who routinely FOIA lists of FOIAs from some agencies - and some agencies who just post them) is that some of the increase in withholding is because the stuff that gets FOIAed is more nearly borderline.

This is not to say that the change in the standard didn't have a dramatic effect, I think it did. But I don't think it is the only factor.

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Obviously, the Bush Administration wasn't the prettiest thing of the world, and the FOIA numbers was a big failure, i give him a d-!!!!

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