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October 15, 2008


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FOIA Friend

I am continually surprised that ITT Tech, Strayer University, Community Colleges, and FOIA focused businesses (to mention a few) don't have a FOIA Certificate program. As a retired senior FOIA official, I was always frsutrated that most of the funding to hire FOIA staff was equivalent to entry level salary's - but no one had experience or training and I was having to conduct FOIA training and spend excessive work-hours (as rewarding as that is) to help FOIA trainees learn and apply even the basic exemptions. For high school graduates looking for an entry level position - whether it is as a legal clerk, auto mechanic, nurse's aide, home inspector - applying for a state or federal FOIA position leading into a career path with a certificate that validates they know the basics (easily revealed at the interview stage) benefits the FOAI program, the applicant, and the manager. I have tried to interest the organizations I indicated earlier in this response to develop a FOIA certification program - but I guess they don't think the market of students is out there as it is for "a career in computer graphics!"

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