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May 19, 2008


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What about all the unofficial (ie, shushed; just not publicized) evidence of war crimes that go unmentioned/disregarded?

For example, do you believe that Anyone could have been Fooled by the incredibly bogus Niger uranium documents?


Those crude forgeries couldn't have fooled a sharp 3rd-grader, given that they appear to have been made by a not-very-sharp 2nd-grader... Yet they 'fooled' the entire U.S. 'intelligence' community! (This is yet another case in which it is clear that the "experts" were not wrong -- THEY WERE LYING! Yet no heads have rolled. Hmmmm.)

If Dems (now in control of Congress) truly opposed Reps, and/or the media (in control of the script/agenda) truly informed We The People, such info would not be omitted from public discourse (even after it'd been publicly disclosed!).


Is retroactive classification much/any worse/different from huge Orwellian lies of omission?

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