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February 15, 2008


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FOIA Friend

A good and legitimate rant. In the real FOIA World - it was a name change only. The FOIA Liaison is what formerly was the FOIA Specialist and/or FOIA Officer. The FOIA Requester Service Center is nothing but the former FOIA Office. The Chief FOIA Officer is generally a political appointee who has no clue about FOIA but it sure looks good on a resume. And what a lame explanation - it's your fault you didn't call the FOIA Requester Service Center first. As you pointed out, that doesn't mean your call should be ignored by a FOIA Liaison or whatever name they go by. Then again, there is the reputation of the caller to consider (not that it applies in your case) that might result in an "Oh, crap!" FOIA reaction and they're scrambling to take action on your request so they can call you back and deflate your sails. (Can I type crap in feedback?)


My recent FOIA requests didn't include a telephone number. This resulted in a fee waiver request being rejected because the agency "tried unsuccessfully" to reach me. They didn't seem to have a problem reaching me with the letter that told me they can't reach me. I'm currently appealing.

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