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November 29, 2007


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Carla J

This is a Cover You A@! Records Reform
I applaude the beginning for the efforts in open records reform (That was sarcasm).
I know first hand that the issue is trampling on our Contitutional Rights.
I paid for records in a State and Federal Habeas Case. I recieved a letter stating to pick up the records. When I arrived. No records. I was told to wait for a letter in the mail.
Under the Right to Know Law, I requested the Records in Pennsylvania. Well so much for the LAW, My RIGHT TO KNOW was DENIED. I guess you do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW...EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID!
I have YET to get my money and had to involve the DOJ CHIEF of FOI Office to tell me the RECORDS did Not exists in the First Place! But.... I am still out of my money and STILL Do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED....AT LEAST IN PENNSYLVANIA!
Will this reform Work???
Not unless you change those who are supposed to ENFORCE IT!
This is a JOKE! NEXT!

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