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July 19, 2007


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David Elkins

I recently was afforded disclosure of requested records,until recently denied by 7(e) by the FAA. For several years the records sought were in relation to law enforcement aircraft described as "sensitive security aircraft" around Portland Oregon. I've known al along who they were (FBI,PORTLAND POLICE) , but to get at least one release was new. The records were compiled at my request, that otherwise would have been lost forever, Radar plots, in-flight radio communications, transponder codes,etc. These are only kept for 15 days to 45 days then "recycled" by TRACON at airport facility's. For more info call (425)203- 4141 NW Mountain region FAA for list of FOIA's under DAVID ELKINS

Maritime Lawyer

Interesting case. This a good example of Privacy Act vs FOIA, however the rule is simple: "Privacy Act protections do not extend to information the agency would be required to release under FOIA".

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